Jeff Welch

Onboard since 2003

OCSC: What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?

JW: I have been power boating most of my life but as far as sailing experience before coming to OCSC, it was very limited. A friend and myself rented a 16-foot sailboat at a lake once. We thought we had it covered because we actually had a “Sailing for Dummies” book in the boat with us. It was very comical and very exciting to say the least! We were flipping through the pages as we went along. It truly was “Sailing for Dummies”!

OCSC: What do you like about sailing?

JW: There are so many things I love about sailing. If I have to narrow it down it would be the escape from the everyday grind and the peace it brings to me. I also enjoy the challenge and endless freedoms it brings. You can go anywhere or do anything, (as long as there’s wind).

OCSC: What brought you to OCSC?

JW: A good friend of mine, who also owns a sailboat, recommended that I go give OCSC a try. He knew I was contemplating purchasing a sailboat. He advised me to hold off on that venture for now and go to OCSC for some of the best on the water training around and then rethink my purchase. So far it was some of the best advice I've received. If not for what I have learned here I would have probably already scared myself, scared my friends, and sold the boat had I bought one.

OCSC: Why did you decide to become a member?

JW: In all reality, why wouldn’t you? After you get some of the best education possible, you're able to rent any boat in the fleet. It’s a good alternative to boat ownership and all the heartaches and costs that come with owning a boat. So until I am ready to purchase a boat and sail away, I’ll remain a member, as long as they have me, that is.

OCSC: What sailing goals do you have?

JW: In the near future, my goals are simple. Get out and go sailing as much as possible. Potentially take the Coastal Passagemaking course to increase my knowledge base and skill sets. In the not so distant future, I would like to purchase a sailboat and make some trips up and down the coast, see the world from a different perspective.

OCSC: What do you do when you're not sailing?

JW: Work like a dog…like everybody. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have a great girlfriend and 16-year-old daughter that keep me busy. As far as activities I enjoy water skiing, snow skiing, taking in a ball game during the summer and traveling. I think I am pretty adventurous so I’m usually up for anything.