Trena Depel

Onboard since 1998

OCSC: What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?

TD: I grew up on Lake Michigan fishing and powerboating, but had only sailed a few times on the Bay before coming to OCSC.

OCSC: What do you like about sailing?

TD: I love that I'll sail for the rest of my life and never master the sport.There's always more to learn, and as long as I can climb onto a boat, I'll be sailing until the end.

OCSC: What brought you to OCSC?

TD: OCSC's reputation as THE training school among the many sailors that I knew.

OCSC: Why did you decide to become a member?

TD: I became a member because of the clear benefits of chartering, on-going education, and crew finding. When I began sailing, I used the crew list frequently and met a number of great people with whom I continue to sail...nine years later.

OCSC: What sailing goals do you have?

TD: Continue racing (and winning) J/24s with my posse -- the crew of J/10 "Rail to Rail", embark on a few more vacation charters, and eventually undertake a major voyage when I can afford to check out of corporate life for a few years.

OCSC: What do you do when you're not sailing?

TD: I'd like to say that I pilot experimental planes and cure cancer, but really, I just work a lot (on cancer therapy) and re-ignite my love affair with the Bay Area every weekend through recreation, food, drink, and other hedonistic indulgences.