Angelique Belluomini

Onboard since 2003

OCSC: What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?

AB: None! It was but a mere dream.

OCSC: What do you like about sailing?

AB: Whenever I think about going sailing I get butterflies like I do on Christmas day. I love the challenge of going out with new people and like to involve other sailors in decisions and learn from their experiences.

OCSC: What brought you to OCSC?

AB: I had been looking into OCSC on the Web. It had the best reputation for being a strong school and turning out good sailors. With a young son, I didn't just want to turn over my money and have someone run me through a program.

OCSC: Why did you decide to become a member?

AB: My goal was to learn how to sail, use OCSC's boats and not have to buy one. I didn't want the maintenance portion of being a sailor. The crew list was another big draw! It's been so helpful in meeting great people to go out and have fun with.

OCSC: What sailing goals do you have?

AB: No major goals. I just enjoy day sailing for now.

OCSC: What do you do when you're not sailing?

AB: Wife, mom, skiing, horseback riding -- anything adventurous!