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The Benefits of OCSC Membership

From exclusive access to chartering our fleet of yachts to discounted classes and easy access to online crew and ready-to-sail lists, OCSC covers all bases. Want to sail tomorrow? Log on the night before and find a crew! And then there are all those parties... Membership is a terrific investment in your sailing career and social life.
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Learn Why People Choose OCSC

Our location, our high standards, our expansive fleet, our community, our commitment to your hopes and dreams -- these are all some of the reasons why people choose to join OCSC.
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myOCSC Online Account

Members can make boat reservations online, use the Online Crewlist, Use the Online Ready-to-Sail List, view boat availability, and gain acces to the enhanced Sailor's Resrouce Center features all by simply logging into their myOCSC Account.
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Member Spotlights

One thousand sailing-spirited men and women who have actively brought sailing into their lives. Different people, with different goals and interests, but all united by their passion for sailing.
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The OCSC Community

Join OCSC and you have an instant community. OCSC is a sailing community within a sailing community , but it's also a diverse group of conscientious, passionate individuals. We're here if you want us!
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Membership Costs

We want you to feel an incredible sense of value as an OCSC Member. When you compare the cost of membership with the expense of boat ownership, this is the only way to go.
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Membership Packages

We want you to save by taking advantage of our courses and membership benefits at the same time. When you compare the cost of membership with the expense of our courses, these membership packages will provide you with incredible value.
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Purchase a Membership Today

Our Online Store is open 24 hours a day. If you'd like to purchase a membership for yourself or for a loved one, you can do so now. We can mail you a gift certificate to redeem when you're ready, or you can Join Today! Learn more.