We know that club membership isn't for everyone, for those who do get involved in the community aspect of membership at OCSC, it sure can be a lot of fun. Somehow the sense of security of belonging somewhere -- no less with people who love sailing as much as you do -- feels great in today's complex world.

When you join OCSC, you're immediately on the guest list for events, activities, and parties, and of course you have instant access to the crew list, but you're also swept up in an all-inclusive company culture that is, to us, vital. We're genuinely proud of our members and feel safe to say that we're a sincere, socially conscious, interesting bunch from all walks of life. Every time you come to OCSC, an interesting conversation or a jovial exchange is sure to be part of your time with us.

We also know that some club members are more involved in the community than others -- just because you're a member, you don't have to do everything! We leave it to you to determine your own level of involvement.

And just FYI, it's not at all unusual for new members to also be new to the Bay Area -- joining OCSC is a great way to meet lots of different people and to always have activities to look forward to.